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Free Small Code Bootcamp - Java Edition

Our good friends over at Enable Labs are hosting a 'Small Code Bootcamp'. This is a free event that you don't want to miss (signup required):

We all work in powerful, object-oriented languages every day. Moving quickly on a small project is great, but what happens as our projects grow and things become harder to work on? What causes our systems to grow stiff and brittle? Lack of design fundamentals is what causes us pain.

Lack of design fundamentals leads to large classes, deep inheritance hierarchies, and entangled dependencies. These are the enemies of agility and progress. They slow us down and cost money.

In The Small Code Bootcamp, you will learn how to stop the pain by creating small composable units of code. The Small Code Bootcamp covers principles of design such as the Single Responsibility Principle, conceptual cohesion, dependency management, and more in a concrete hands-on manner. Attendees will be guided through multiple examples involving both creating small components from scratch and refactoring large classes into smaller classes.

The Small Code Bootcamp will be conducted in Java. All attendees should have a strong grasp of Java fundamentals. All attendees are required to have a laptop with a working Java development environment, such as Eclipse or InteliJ IDEA. (The instructors will be using Eclipse.)

When signing up please provide a brief technical background so we can match the skill levels of attendees. Attendance is limited so sign up early.


Cost: Free

When: July 7-10 6pm to 9pm

Where: Enable Labs, 415 River St, Troy, NY 12180