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ITT Tech Career Services

ITT Technical Institute located in Albany, NY, has been educating students since 1998. They offer Associate of Occupational Studies Degree programs in Computer and Electronics Technology, Computer Network Systems, Web Development, Software Applications and Programming, Computer Drafting and Design and Multimedia/Visual Communications.

ITT Technical Institute programs combine classroom theory of technology with hands-on applications in a laboratory. We have created curricula and use teaching methods that are designed to help students understand the requirements of the workplace. Instructors provide instruction on how to solve problems with technology applications which can help make the transition from school to work smoother.

The Career Services Department assists students in identifying their career goals and effectively involving them in their career planning and development. The Career Services Department is committed to building partnerships with local and national employers, faculty members and the community to help students achieve professional success.


Pre-Screened Candidates
The most common recruiting method used by companies interested in our graduates begins with a simple phone call to the Career Services Department. Career Services can screen applicants for a position based on objective criteria. Resumes and transcripts of ITT Tech graduates can be forwarded to interested employers with the graduate’s permission, or the graduate can be requested to send the resume personally. This is also a great way to find internships!

Interview Coordination
ITT Tech can provide private interviewing rooms for employer and student convenience. Some employers prefer to have interested applicants visit the employer’s office for job interviews. In this case, the Career Services Department can assist in the coordination of interview schedules with employers and applicants if needed.

Recruitment Methods
The Career Services team can design an employee recruitment method to help fit the needs of an employer. Career Fairs and student-to-employer Networking Events are held at NO CHARGE. Employers receive a quarterly mailer with the most recent available graduates for their convenience.

Internship Options
ITT Tech’s Internship Program allows employers to find quality staff without making a commitment, or having to pay a temp agency when special projects are in need of finishing (or getting started)! Career Services pre-screens candidates just as if it were an employment.


All of these services are FREE to employers. Our main goal is to assist our students and grads with obtaining in field opportunities where they can continue to learn and grow professionally.

If interested in learning more, please contact Miranda VonFricken, Director of Career Services at 518-452-9300 or