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JRuby for Java Developers Training

On four evenings in May, Troy based Web Developer, Enable Labs, will be conducting a free training in the use of the Ruby programming language on the Java VM (a.k.a. JRuby).

The training will take place over four evenings (6:00-8:00pm each night) as follows:


Monday, May 9th - Introduction to Ruby
An introduction to the Ruby programing language with an emphasis on how it compares to Java.


Tuesday, May 10th - Introduction to JRuby
An introduction to using Ruby on the JVM, including having Ruby code consume Java Classes and Objects.


Monday, May 23rd - Introduction to Rails
An introduction to Rails, or Ruby on Rails, the predominate Web Application Framework in the Ruby Language with and emphasis on how it compares to Struts.


Tuesday, May 24th - Using Rails To Front Java Services
Learn how to use JRuby and the Rails Framework to leverage your existing Java infrastructure.


Each training session will take place in the offices of Enable Labs using our pairing stations. Seating for the training is limited. If you are interested in attending the training, please email us at